Habbo Faces

1. That's your normal face!
2. :) =) ^_^ = happy.
3. >:(           = angry.
4. :(             = sad.
5. :o            = shocked or surprized.


Helpful Things In Habbo

+ Fast Furni Moving:
Hold down the ALT key and click the furni.

+ :chooser for NON-HC

Got an annoying advertiser in your doorway? Click the Habbos speech bubble & you will select that Habbo.





Habbo Club Secrets:

type       :chooser
type into your speech box, :chooser which will bring up a list of Habbos in the public room.

Use this command to select any item of furni in your room, Even if its stuck in the wall! Very useful.


Ever wondered how your friends get up to the VIP box in the G-Bay? well now you can! here's a step by step guide on how to get up to the G-Bay VIP box!

1. Double Click on the crack in the wall inside the red,

2. Double Click on the cracked time inside the green,

3. Double Click on the crack in the wall inside the blue,
4. Double Click on the crack in the wall inside the yellow,
5. Click any space inside the VIP box, like in a normal room.

Note: If you can't move, maybe there is someone stuck in front of you.

             This habbo does not exist


 if you want a habbo imager ill link you to one sorry i couldnt get one peeps ยป Habbo Imager 


         heres a little somthing if you like mobsters on myspace

Off the Streets
opening a bank account
banking $1,000,000
Bentley Rich
banking $10,000,000
Private Plane Rich
banking $1,000,000,000
making 1 bounty hit
making 5 bounty hits
making 10 bounty hits
Angel of Freakin' Death
making 20 bounty hits
completing 5 missions
completing 50 missions
completing 1,000 missions
completing 5,000 missions
whacking 1 mobster
Cold Blooded
whacking 10 mobsters
One Man Army
whacking 100 mobsters
The Terminator
whacking 5,000 mobsters
Piciotto (button man)
growing to a mob size of 5
Sgarrista (made man)
growing to a mob size of 50
Don (boss)
growing to a mob size of 500
Capo Crimini (boss of bosses)
growing to a mob size of 1,000
reaching level 3 on day 1
reaching level 10 on day 1
reaching level 20 on day 1
reaching level 40 on day 1
Car Owner
owning 1 El Camino
Private Health Insurance
owning 25 Ambulances
Private Army
Owning 50 Rhino Tanks
Gun Shop
owning 10 Pump-Action Shotguns
Arms Dealer
owning 25 RPG Launchers
Military-Industrial Complex
owning 50 Sarin Gas Sprayers
owning 1 Limited Edition Item
Buon Collettore
owning 4 unique Limited Edition Items
Lucky Crowbar
getting 3 Crowbars in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Auto
getting 3 Bentleys in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Tank
getting 3 Tanks in the Godfather's slot machine
Lucky Jackpot
winning the jackpot in the Godfather's slot machine

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